The vision is simple: to be SOUL*D OUT for God. Make faith, family, fitness, and fun the foundation of your guiding principles with our original signature series designs. Our versatile designs are great for working out or making a statement without saying a word. 

SOUL*D OUT items are all original designs by Angelike Norrie; envisioned, created, and finalized while co-creating with God for years on how to make Him relevant and cool again in today's trendy world. 

SOUL*D OUT STORY & MISSION STATEMENT I used to ask my mom in frustration all the time, “why didn’t you ever do anything with your incredible talent?” I would get so angry that she spent her life suffering and struggling financially knowing that she could have shared her talents with the world. She would reply “I poured all my love and energy into raising you.” How could I argue with that? As much as I wanted to push back, she was telling the truth and that truth is what shaped my world. I married the love she poured into me with the resolve to never let talent go to waste and spend a good portion of my life chasing achievement. I had lots of wins, trophies, accomplishments but something was always left unfulfilled. I always wanted more. I wanted to do more, have more, be more give more. And when my first daughter was born I realized how incredibly important it was to be congruent with that thinking. I couldn’t raise her and tell her to be, do, have and give all that she ever dreamed of while Mommy lived by a different code - one of massive achievement but lacking the art of fulfillment. I chased the worlds standards of success vs my own and what I knew God created me to do. I knew that it was no longer a matter of saying it, I had to back it up with massive action. But there was always giant asterisk. I would be afraid of the “how” or the lack of knowledge, resources or time. And through many failures, trials, loss, including the loss of my beloved mother - I realized that so much time had been wasted on relying on others to go first or do it for me since it would be easier to pay someone who knew how than for me to attempt it myself. One of the things that I always wanted to do was to teach women about the importance of their true value, one not measured by money, or looks, or image - but by their dignity, strength, integrity, truth, and checking in to their soul (God) before they sold out to the world. I spent so much time envisioning this woman and how she could be personified, and reading about her in Proverbs 31 was the closest I got to meeting “her” in person. I dreamt of creating a clothing line for women to not only “wear it, but live it” (the message of who they were created to be. But once again, I was saddled with the “how.” I bought thousands of dollars of blank t-shirts and tanks and they sat in a box until I finally gave them away after years of lugging them around with every move for “someday” to come. It wasn’t until one day when my husband David was sick with pneumonia, and we were all (he and I and our two girls) stuck in the house as I didnt want to take the girls out during the weekend with him being so sick. With all the extra, forced time to just sit and relax, I opened my computer and starting messing around with illustrator. Trying and failing, trying again and failing again, and trying until I finally got good enough at drawing mockups of the clothing I always dreamt of creating. I was locked in. I was in the ZONE, to the point where it was keeping me up at night. I would wake up to pee and think of another design or idea and I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep. The next morning I was at it again, and then my firstborn, Ella who’s incredibly artistic and has the same love and talent for the arts and music as my mother did, came up to me and asked if she could create something. So, I sat her next to me as I ran my mouse over the color wheel and told her to stop me when she saw the color she wanted and then we went from there. Layer, by layer, color by color, image by image and her first creation , the best selling Genesis Leggings were born. And then it hit me, what better way to live out my Mom’s legacy of all her Love while putting her talent to use through my daughter and I to teach women to go first. To show them that sometimes you have to fire even before you are “ready” to aim. And that if you lead with your heart, all else will follow. To be “clothed” literally and figuratively in strength and dignity (Proverbs 31:10) and show the world what that really means through your unique actions, message, and heart. Soul*d Out was created to remind us all not to sell out to the world’s expectations and instead be SOUL*D out for God and what He has called you to be, do, and have. Each design was created exclusively by me and/or my daughter Ella. We do this together to be empowered by one another and for one another, like all women should be to uphold our distinct duties to raise the bar for women in society, starting with the ones we raise at home. The Leading Lady Line, is inspired by all the incredible women that have inspired me, challenged me, pushed, me, and gone first before me along my journey. Wear it well, but more importantly live with intention, strength, dignity, integrity, and perseverance to be, do, have and give everything God has called for you in this life.