Full40:  A Holystic Body Revival Challenge

Full40: A Holystic Body Revival Challenge

A Mission for Transformation: Body Revival is here to change the narrative. It's not just a fitness program or a Bible study; it's a comprehensive journey to reclaim your identity in Christ. This program is about aligning every aspect of your life – spiritual, physical, relational – with God's divine plan.

STARTS Feb 19th, 2024


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Spiritual Empowerment : Delve deep into the Word, not just as a text, but as a living, breathing guide. Learn to wield it powerfully in your life.

Physical Discipline: Challenge your body to be the temple it was meant to be. Discipline in physical health reflects and enhances spiritual strength.

Restoration of Divine Order: Step into the divine order God intends for you. Uncover the caps in your life – the attitudes and habits holding you back.

Your Transformation Affects the Kingdom: This journey is about more than individual growth; it’s about how your transformation can ripple outwards, impacting the Body of Christ and the world at large.

40 Days of Transformational Content: Daily devotionals and challenges designed to build spiritual and physical resilience, drawing from deep scriptural insights and practical life applications.

Suggested Workout Plans: Functional, empowering workouts suitable for all fitness levels, emphasizing the connection between physical health, holistic well-being, and empowering, useful movement.

Interactive Community Support: Access to a vibrant online community for encouragement, sharing experiences, and growing together in faith and discipline.

Weekly Reflection and Guidance Sessions: Regular webinars and live sessions for reflection, guidance, and deeper exploration of spiritual themes.

Personal Growth Resources: Exclusive access to materials that aid in personal growth, including worksheets, prayer guides, and more.

Supernatural Kingdom Focus: Unique emphasis on understanding and applying the supernatural aspects of Christian faith, aimed at radically transforming your life and impact on the Kingdom.

DEVOTIONALS + INSPIRATION: sent to your inbox or phone

PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Invite only to Facebook Community

WEBINARS: Weekly Reflection and Guidance Sessions

DAVID NORRIE has been a journalist for 25 years, covering the NFL, relationships and health & fitness. David has written three books on the importance of family, business and the foundational wisdom of the bible. David's mission is to wake up the lukewarm. He believes that your God given gifts, passion and voice are desperately needed in todays marketplace and that when you do, we will see a revival.

ANGELIKE NORRIE is a former professional athlete and six time cover turned entrepreneur, speaker and business mentor. She specializes in helping others to work in their gifts to maximize their marketplace and Kingdom impact. Her first ministry is to her HomeTeam as a wife and mother, and teaches that honoring the Divine Order will bring peace and prosperity beyond our human understanding. She believes there is a shaking coming and its separation season; the gloves are off and the battle is already won.

INVITE ONLY: Private Webinars + Facebook Community

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